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Movement complemented with Clinical Pilates is nourishment for your muscles

Classes we provide

Our Clinical Pilates program, based on a scientific approach to health, focuses on developing posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility and breathing.  
Our program involves a full assessment with a physiotherapist, where a tailored exercise program is designed for each of our clients. Particular consideration is given to individual strengths and weaknesses. The carefully selected exercises utilise our spring-loaded equipment to develop and train the neuromuscular systems and optimise functional movements for everyday life.

The Clinical based Pilates at Core Performance Physiotherapy is the foundation of Joseph Pilates. He was a German-American fitness expert who achieved iconic status as the inventor of ‘Pilates’. It is a holistic training method that focuses on breathing, mind, and muscle control. Joseph was inspired by the Greek image of an ideal man. This led him to develop a lifelong passion for physical fitness and mental health.

Our equipment is developed in Australia by physiotherapists. The acclaimed DMA Clinical Reformer is designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent demands of clinical use. This evolution of the traditional Pilates Reformer provides the safest, most versatile and ergonomic option currently available. Our equipment is 100% Australian made and owned, hand welded and assembled for perfect quality and assurance for over 30 years.

Clinical Pilates 1:1

This session is one on one with your Physiotherapist and provides the most individual attention.

60 Min - $130

30 Min - $95

Clinical Pilates 2:1
Di Rod_edited.jpg

Great for couples or friends who would like a more personal training session.

60 Min - $75 each

Clinical Pilates 4:1

Focusing on your individual program in a group session. Ideal for intermediate or advanced pilates.

60 Minutes - $50 each

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Joseph Pilates 1920's

“It is the mind itself which builds the body” 

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