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Sarah Mackenzie

BBSc, BPhysio(Hon)

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Sarah's Story

Our principal Physiotherapist and Clinical Pilates instructor, Sarah Mackenzie holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours) from the University of Melbourne, and a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences from La Trobe University. She is a Certified DMA Clinical Pilates - Physiotherapy practitioner. She has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors, including a term as a clinical supervisor at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Currently she is undertaking the Masters of Epidemiology at the University of Melbourne.

Her life revolves around her family and her passion for helping people. Her husband and 4 children have supported and encouraged Sarah in every step of her journey to build Core Performance Physiotherapy into the successful Practice it is today.


Physiotherapy is Sarah's calling. She is doing what she loves every day and she strives to build on her knowledge and clinical skills to offer the very best practice to all her clients. Sarah is able to incorporate the use of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and scientific evidence to treat a range of health conditions in all age populations.

Sarah's other interests include cooking, running, exercise, reading, sewing and spending time at the beach with her family.

Sarah's day begins at 5:30am when she takes some time with her very active Border Collie X Kelpie puppy - "Luna" and her old faithful Veteran running partner "Betsy", the Kelpie. They get her going for the day ahead, vigorously bounding, running and playing at the park.

Sarah's first class begins at 7am, and throughout the day she has physiotherapy appointments and classes.

In between times, you will find her studying.


If you would like to discuss the Clinical Pilates assessment process or how Physiotherapy at Core Performance Physiotherapy can assist you, please call us on 9509 2538.


I'm always looking to help and educate anyone who's in need. Let's connect.

Telephone: (03) 9509 2583

Mobile : 0422 599 368

Dedicated Text Message Number

0422 599 368

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